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Microsoft Lync

Business Goals 

Consistent visual design style leveraged across the different platform teams working on Lync desktop, server, mobile, tablet, and web. The Lync product should work in concert with Microsoft Office Suite of Products.

Customers Needs

Developers and interaction designers in Redmond, Boston, and India would be able to reference and use a styleguide that included redlines, and visual assets to build out their designs.


Art directed and worked on the visual design specs. Reviewed the assets for hand-off to developers. Oversaw a vendor agency and two contractors who produced the assets (1,000+) and maintained the styleguide.

Design Process
Aside from art direction and user interface consults, I designed the Presence Status visual system that was rolled out for 2013. The system involved giving a fresh modern treatment to the visuals than was previous seen in previous versions of Microsoft Lync.


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