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AT&T Setup & Mobile Transfer 2.2

AT&T Setup & Transfer is the onboarding setup experience for AT&T customers onto Android devices.
AT&T Mobile Transfer enables users to backup and restore their data from an old phone to a new one.


Customers in AT&T stores were struggling to get onboarded. AT&T Setup & Transfer should make it easy for both existing and new AT&T customers to quickly access photos, voicemail, address book, and set up AT&T accounts, and services, on their device. The goal is to get people through the AT&T setup experience and have a phone that is customized to their needs. Worked with two program managers, creative director, designers, copy writers, user research, and developers to align on the project vision, scope, and deliverables. Deliverables included final mockups, redlines, styleguide, and source vector files. Deliverables handed to third party developer. Reviewed builds and communicated bugs for final polish. Cross-team partnerships with representatives involved in branding and accessibility reviews.

Final design


Distinguishing the AT&T setup from the Google setup, yet making sure the flow did not feel disjointed. A balance between retaining the AT&T brand yet feel in harmony with the lollipop material design.  

Background Context

AT&T had a 40% take rate, but as it moved into the second position behind Google, there was worry that the adoption rate may go down. The ask was to make the AT&T setup flow more visually appealing and engaging. The setup flow goes Google setup, then AT&T, and then any OEM (device manufacturer) setup. 

The effort was to streamline the two existing AT&T apps (AT&T Ready2Go and Mobile Transfer) into a single app. Reduce # of apps the business has to maintain and respond to customer feedback that there is a lot of bloatware that comes preloaded on their devices.

Project Scope

Improve user experience: UX flows, user interface design and visual styleguide and interaction design improvements.

Design Definition

In the past, the AT&T Ready2Go flow preceded the Google flow in migrating content. In this update to the experience, Google setup (migrating apps, connecting with google account) comes before the AT&T setup (AT&T apps, social accounts, photos/videos in Locker and contacts in their AT&T Address Book). As such, the experience needed to leverage the Google setup and not feel duplicative or abrupt. Customer must find value to spending time onboarding AT&T services.


  • Preliminary investigations for the App Select screen explored the concept of bundling AT&T apps and services by default but with easy access to edit their preloaded apps and services list.

  • Preliminary approaches explored whether the AT&T flow should be distinctly different from the Google flow knowing that an OEM flow would precede it as well. 

Early visual exploration: Lifestyle Approach

How might a distinct look to AT&T setup increase adoption success rate of AT&T services?


Early visual exploration: Emotive Approach

How might we increase adoption success rate of AT&T services through AT&T setup ?


Mobile Transfer Mood Board

AT&T Setup & Transfer Mood Board

Design iterations and approach:


Flexibility - Customer in Control

AT&T Mobile Transfer is a restore experience that is integrated in the AT&T Setup & Transfer AND can also be accessed as a standalone app experience that enables users to backup and restore content from an old phone to a new one. 

AT&T Mobile Transfer

Preliminary heuristic design evaluation was done on the two old flows to identify areas that could be improved. Initial explorations involved design recommendations to Mobile Transfer flow and updating the Ready2Go user interfaces to feel more connected, consistent, and modern. Key screens were looked at. Improved information design was explored. Mobile Transfer experience improved and launched.


Improved experience outcomes

Streamlined flow, updated and aligned visual styles, improved content text, and interaction affordances for clarity and focus in next steps, selection, and status. 


Future Vision

The App Select screen explored the concept of bundling AT&T apps and services by default but with easy access to edit their preloaded apps and services list.

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