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AT&T AllAccess

The AllAccess app helps customers monitor their data usage. Data plans are shared across devices and family members. Customers desire not to go into overage or pay extra for unanticipated usage.


Make it simple and clear. Remove complexity. Design that is scalable for different plan types. Easier comprehension for the user to not get overwhelmed by numerous notifications. Took more proactive approach in driving awareness for plan usage and solutions to mitigate. Better information hierarchy and progressive disclosure.


— Design the AT&T AllAccess widget (Android and Windows home screens) to clearly identify the amount of data left with a quick link to locate and turn on free WiFi .

— AT&T AllAccess Dashboard with smart recommendations.

— Designs for Block usage per family member and per device.


Worked with creative director, two product managers, content writer, and user research. Partnered with three designers assigned to the different sections of the project to iterate and align designs. Worked with the usability research company that tested our working prototypes. Updated designs based on feedback from customers, user research feedback, and business stakeholder reviews. Collaborated with development team to solve technical issues and deliver best ux. 


Designs contributed to an increase in app downloads and positive feedback in user app reviews. Survey results were favorable.

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