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AT&T DriveMode

The DriveMode app helps prevent distractions while driving. The app silences incoming calls and text messages, and can automatically reply with a message that you are driving and cannot respond immediately. 


Simplify design with minimal interactions to prevent distractions. Shorten the setup process to better ensure product adoption. Highlighted key features to improve user engagement.



— Updated visual style of an older Android version

— Creation of a new iOS app 

— Usability improvements: Accessibility and Interaction 

— Share Feature of Auto-Mode On.

— DriveMode Rewards




Worked with creative director, product manager, content writer, and user research. Partnered with three designers assigned to separate portions of the project to iterate and align designs. Updated designs based on feedback from customers and business stakeholder reviews. Collaborated with development team to solve technical issues and deliver best ux. 




Measures of success: DriveMode was named the best distracted driving app by USA Today, and has an estimated 6 million installs and 2 million active users.

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iOS DriveMode Design when customer has uploaded a custom photo

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