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AT&T Setup & Transfer

Business Goals 

The ask was to make the AT&T setup flow more visually appealing and engaging. The setup flow goes Google setup, then AT&T, and then any OEM (device manufacturer) setup. The effort was to streamline the two existing AT&T apps (AT&T Ready2Go and Mobile Transfer) into a single app. Reduce # of apps the business has to maintain and change customer perception that there is a lot of bloatware that comes preloaded on their devices.

Customers needs

Customers in AT&T stores were struggling to get onboarded. AT&T Setup & Transfer should make it easy for both existing and new AT&T customers to quickly access photos, voicemail, address book, and set up AT&T accounts, and services, on their device. Distinguishing the AT&T setup from the Google setup, yet making sure the flow did not feel disjointed. A balance between retaining the AT&T brand yet feel in harmony with the lollipop material design.

Design Process

Aligned on the project vision, scope, and deliverables with product manager, creative director, designers and content writer. Presented updated design to stakeholders, brand team, and accessibility counterparts. Worked with developer to fix bugs for final polish.

Brainstorm sessions, task flows, sketches, wireframe, final mockups, redlines, styleguide, and design spec.

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